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Michael Hicks


Kathleen Converti

Michael Hicks started his Win@Life Seminars in February. But the idea for the motivational program was born more than two dozen years ago.

“I had this idea 27 years ago. I was not happy with my life and I wanted that to change,” he said.

At the time he began looking at ways to turn his life around.

“I discovered I had a passion to teach whatever I learned.”

He decided to get serious about pursuing his passion when he turned 55. “I guess all my failures came to a head,” he said.

Hicks wants to help others find their passion and reach their potential, accomplishing their desired goals.

At the heart of Hicks’ program is the belief that by changing one’s mindset, one’s life can be changed.

“When you learn a new way of thinking and responding, your life will change,” Hicks said.

He explained the purpose of Win@Life is to impact personal success and free people from negative mindsets, fear of rejection and failure.

Hicks works with individual and group clients on such things as:

• Solving problems

• Learning styles

• Managing stress

• Life’s perceptions

• Making decisions

• Approval addiction

• Setting goals

• Handling rejection

• Four personality traits

• Your life’s philosophy

• Motivational attributes

• Seven Laws of Success

“All of us must go through difficult times,” Hicks said.

“My mission and passion are not to remove problems and hardships from people’s lives, but to teach people how to use them to become a stronger, more confident person.

“They will learn how to develop tools for problem-solving, recognize opportunities for growth and develop a positive view of life.”

Hicks is available to present an introduction to his program at clubs, businesses, churches and other groups. He is also available to mentor students; coach people in social and cultural groups; counsel people in rehabilitation organizations; coach business leaders; and teach congregations in churches.

For more details, call (928) 970-0089 and speak with Hicks or his marketing and administration associate Kathleen Converti. Visit the Web site


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