These Babies Are Quite Large And Getting Bigger



Mikey Marazza/Roundup

These large baby grizzly bears were the center of attention during a visit to the Out of Africa Wildlife Park.

Lions and tigers and bears! Oh my!

We saw them all. Last week during spring break I took my daughter and my mother to the Out of Africa Wildlife Park. It was a great day, the weather was beautiful and all the animals were out and playing.

My favorites were the little girl grizzly bears. They were so cute; you just wanted to hug them. They were playing around together and jumping in the pool of water in their area.

When we got to their place, the guide had a bucket of food and when they saw him, they came running to the fence for their share. They would hang on the fence and take the food from his hands.

Can you imagine what they are going to look like when they get older? They are just babies and they are as big as the adult black bears that are there.

My next favorite thing was the tiger splash. They had a large pool inside the arena and the workers got to play with the tigers. They had these blowup toys that they teased the tigers with, and both the tigers and the workers got into the pool together. It was quite the sight to see.

Another interesting animal was the hyena. I never pictured them to be cute, but they were.

They are very large animals that were furry, so that made them cute. But, there is nothing cute about them, they are very dangerous and can kill a human very quickly. The guide was feeding them and they were laughing, as they call it.

I cannot imagine living in an area where at night you would hear that eerie sound. No thank you! All and all it was a fun day and worth the trip to Camp Verde.

The Hunter Creek Homeowners Association meeting is scheduled for Saturday, March 28 at the fire hall.

Agenda items include: Firebreak update, Payson Ranger District emergency use of HCR water, Financial update, budget proposal and improvement projects, front gate work update, payment easement off Wipila Wiki proposal, extension of wall at front gate proposal, HOA management update, architectural committee update, and clean-up day.

Important meeting

Please put on your agenda the next fire board meeting that is scheduled for Monday, April 13.

There has been a lot of questions as to the way the Christopher/Kohl’s Fire Department is heading. Those of you who care, need to attend this meeting.

I have received way too many calls about the department over the last couple of weeks.

Everyone needs to get involved and not expect one or two people to handle things. Many of you are concerned that the tax rate is going to increase.

Many of you are concerned that we are becoming a paid fire department.

Many of you are concerned that we are going to become Hellsgate Fire Department.

All of you who are concerned, need to get involved and start speaking out.

Many of you have stated that the chief and the board work for you. Well, that may be true, but all of you need to get together and discuss this. Sitting back and doing nothing does not work.

I, for one, do not want another recall or anything similar to that. So, I expect to see all of you at the next meeting voicing your opinions to the board and the chief and let’s fix this before it goes too far.

Pass the word to everyone in the district. Everything that happens is in all your hands, but if you do nothing, then whatever happens, happens.


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