California Not So Golden



This is in response to Mr. Gene Hind’s letter to the editor.

Fortune magazine points out that in California ... “In the past year, more people have lost jobs … than in any other state. More homes have gone into foreclosure. More banks have failed ... businesses are moving out at an alarming rate, most often citing excessive regulation and intolerable taxes. For top earners, California’s taxes are the highest in the U.S. And to what end? California’s credit rating is the lowest in the nation.”

“California here we come” has become “California here we go.” Last year, 144,000 more people decamped from California than entered it. That’s the worst out-migration in the nation!

A few reasons:

According to The Milken Institute, California is the costliest place in America to do business; it has the second highest tax rates in the country; it is a trial lawyer’s paradise, where there may be more nuisance suits than bathing suits.

For public employee unions, California is truly the Golden State. Its teachers and prison guards are the highest paid in the nation. According to Investor’s Business Daily, California long ago “granted recognition to unions on a card-check basis, without a requirement for secret-ballot elections. Not surprisingly, California’s public-sector work force is now much more unionized than the nation’s as a whole.”

Ron Hamric


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