New Skate Park Needed



You know what really gets on my nerves? When people get mad at me for skating on the sidewalks and tell me I’m a bad person because I’m a skater. Well it’s not my fault that I live in a retirement community that has no idea how to keep the youth out of trouble.

Well, anyways, if they don’t like us skating on the sidewalks then build us a bigger skate park so it’s not so crowded!

I don’t know why people call me a rebel if I’m just trying to stay out of trouble and entertain myself at the same time.

So I guess what I’m trying to get at is either stop getting mad at the skating community or build us a new skate park.

We respect people if they respect us. It’s not illegal to be a skater. All we want to do is be noticed in a good way for once.

We need something to do that is not against the law and we found something, so please don’t fight us about it, don’t judge us, but reward us.

Branden Boettcher

Age 14


Tim Barrett 7 years, 9 months ago


I hear you! Get on a word processing program on your computer and come up with a killer flyer for a fundraiser. Hit every place you can to get them posted. Hit all the businesses in town for a donation. As far as the sidewalks are concerned, clear the way for others, and as long as they are not posted, have a blast. The little town where I lived in North Carolina built a slammin' park with matching funds from area business partners. They (the area skaters) held bake sales at the grocery store among other things, to raise funds. I will even record fundraising PSA's at no charge to run on your local radio stations if you want to go ahead with your fundraiser.


Christi Currier 7 years, 9 months ago

Branden you stated "So I guess what I’m trying to get at is either stop getting mad at the skating community or build us a new skate park." I don't see those as the only two options.

If you want to see something in the community then I think it would be a great opportunity for YOU to be the change YOU want to see. Following Tim's advice would be a great place to start.

Don't keep looking to OTHERS for YOUR happiness. YOU see something which YOU feel needs change and YOU take action!

In this you will grow and learn to appreciate the processes which come with being a change agent in your community.

ALSO - I do not see a need to reward you or your friends or any other law abiding citizen for following the law. Getting to live in a peaceful community with relatively low crime rates is a reward for following the law. By you following laws and by you being a law abiding citizen you are already reaping the reward you have sewn.

14 is a great age to learn that there are things in life you do because they are right, not because you are looking for a reward.



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