$1.1 Million … A Mere Bagatelle



Recently, $1.1 million in mysterious reserved funds and/or mislabeled reserve funds were discovered by the town manager, Debra Galbraith.

Considering that Galbraith came to her most recent position from the town finance department, and that questions about these funds raised repeatedly by independent accountants who audit the town’s finances regularly, I suspect that we may be seeing the pinnacle of incompetence. It could be speculated that Galbraith realized that this mere bagatelle of $1.1 million would undoubtedly surface sooner or later and therefore decided to take the stinger out of things by standing up and shouting, “Wow! Look what I just found.”

Sorry, Debra, no cigar, no hoorays and no huzzahs. Had the existence of these funds been known earlier, jobs and programs might have been saved. Some of you reading this may be wondering how many more of your tax dollars could be floating around in the murky waters of town hall.

We should segue over to the town council (who periodically tends to drape themselves in the cloak of buffoonery) and simply ask how this mere bagatelle of $1.1 million could go unnoticed for such a long period of time. Where is your oversight? Where is your due diligence when it comes to protecting and assuring proper accountability of Payson’s taxpayer money?

Consider bringing the auditors back in for another look at things — a prudent thing to do. My view is that Galbraith’s abilities are now questionable at best. She should be relieved of her duties, shown the door and a new, more competent manager hired to capably run our town of Payson.

Michael N. Macfarlane


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