Tea Party Is Wrong Reference



Just a note to the “Tea Party” protesters. It makes me sick when people use a historical references for modern causes when they have no idea what they are talking about! The original “Tea Party” was about taxation without representation! We have that now! Here is a history lesson.

The British East India Company had controlled all tea trading between India and the British colonies. As a result of the tea tax, the colonies refused to buy the British tea. Instead, they smuggled tea in from Holland. This left the British East India Company with warehouses full of unsold tea, and the company was in danger of going out of business.

The British government was determined to prevent the British East India Company from going out of business. It was going to force the colonists to buy their tea. In May 1773, Prime Minister North and the British parliament passed the Tea Act. The Tea Act allowed the British East India Company to sell tea directly to the colonists, bypassing the colonial wholesale merchants. This allowed the company to sell their tea cheaper than the colonial merchants who were selling smuggled tea from Holland. This act revived the colonial issue of taxation without representation.

The colonies once again demanded that the British government remove the tax on tea. In addition, the dockworkers began refusing to unload the tea from ships. The governor of Massachusetts demanded that the tea be unloaded. He also demanded that the people pay the taxes and duty on tea.

This was when we had no representation, we do now, and all of your money grubbing conservative leaders for the last eight years are to blame! They forced all of this “tea” on us in the way of poorly built autos, health killing tobacco, inefficient energy programs, and a war we can not win!

Now a new power has only been in for 100 days and you get all mad when he cannot fix the last idiot’s mistakes with a wave of a magic wand!

You act like you had a friend over for dinner that got stupid and drunk, (Bush) spilled a gallon of wine on your white carpet … and now you are only mad at the carpet cleaning service (Obama) because he can’t clean up the stain!

Keith DeCinko


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