Why Are There No Reloading Components Available?



OK all you closet survivalist out there. I reload my own ammunition for target shooting only. I don’t hunt.

Primers, (especially small rifle primers) are non-existent to be purchased. Even here in Payson’s small local sources. You go into Walmart and their new manufacturing ammunition inventory is zilch, nada, nothing. And it’s been that way for some time now.

Walmart says it goes out as soon as it arrives. I am suspicious. (Could there be a store or corporate policy change?) Is it that people are panic buying and hoarding ammo and reloading components because of Obama fears?

Are the ammunition component manufacturing companies cutting back production to drive up their prices? Upcoming U.S. military needs? I need small rifle primers and large pistol primers to purchase and I don’t want to be gouged either. Does anyone have any factual answers to the shortage and not just speculation? I and many others would like to know what the heck is going on.

Don Evans


Scott Paul 7 years, 8 months ago


I don't have any facts yet, but can offer my experience to add to yours regarding the availability of reloading components and loaded ammunition.

I live in Texas - a very gun friendly state. As you can imagine, the gun usage and ammo expenditure for firearms owners in the state is very high. My close association with a guns shop owner and indoor range operator confirms your assessment that is is a nation wide problem. The gun range has had to allow patrons to use their own ammo on the range because he cannot get enough ammo to supply the members and public who want to use the range.

In an effort to minimize the impact of reduced availability, I too have re started reloading ammo. You can periodically find reloading components at gun stores, and online, but the availability is spotty, and the priced have gone up (supply vs. demand).

One enterprising reloader placed an add in the local newspaper asking for unwanted/unused reloading components. He offered to take them off the hands of folks who could no longer throw them in the trash due to HAZMET requirements. My understanding is that he has collected an astonishing amount of components and ammo, which he now resells at gun shows.

Just some ideas for you.

By the way, my gun dealer friend told me he expects the supply to start getting better early next year.

Scott Paul


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