Customers Should Not Abuse Offerings Of Businesses



This letter is on behalf of the abuse of the wireless Internet connections and games provided at the Fireside Espresso.

My friends and I enjoy walking to the Fireside Espresso, we enjoy going to get a smoothie and do homework or play games that are provided. But there are also wireless Internet connections available to customers.

My friends and I have noticed that not only are people abusing the use of Internet connection by not buying a drink or snack that is provided there, but they are bringing canned soda, which are already provided there, from home. Also, I have noticed that when people do buy drinks and come in to use the Internet, they finish their drinks and when they leave, they leave all their trash behind for the workers to throw away. The Fireside Espresso has a friendly, clean environment that does not need to be ruined by trash.

I have also noticed that the games provided there are trashed, they are just thrown on the shelf, and their boxes are completely destroyed. I feel that if you have a privilege to play games, then you should not abuse them. We should all take part in keeping the games and their pieces neat, by not losing or drawing on them.

The Fireside Espresso has a wonderful environment and staff. I think that we owe it to them to keep the games neat and not abuse the wireless Internet provided.

Rylie E. Perkes


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