Do Your Own Homework



It appears the letters to the editor no longer carry any message that does not agree with the editor/publisher. The same negative message about our current president and Congress. Words make it into the paper by tax protesters and from the cowboy logic of Jinx Pyle and the monthly editorials by Jon Kyl. But that does not leave room the other side of the story.

Do we hear about the facts as understood by economists and the historical facts surrounding the last 80 years? Do the same people for whom protested through the tea parties realize that the same presidents they seem to admire, Reagan, was the first president since World War II that did not contribute to the payoff of the WWII national debt and that the same man all deficit hawks hated (if that is not too strong a term), Clinton, dropped in federal debt as a percent of GDP under his term as president toward a repayment of the remaining WWII debt and not toward paying off the Reagan-Bush debt?

Do the protesters understand that the huge deficits brought on by prosecuting WWII blasted the economy from depression into the longest and most sustained growth economy?

This is the same deficit spending today that is going to turn our economy around in three to five years and not the 10 to 20 it would take if the government did nothing.

Turn off your Fox news and your Rush Limbaugh and your Jon Kyls and Jinx Pyles and get the facts by doing your own homework, dig into history and think for yourselves and quit letting others think for you. Learn the facts and not the truth as told by those who gain by your lack of understanding.

Don Wickstrom


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