Opposed To Subdivision



This letter is in reference to the property at 509 E. Park Dr. We own the property at 601 E. Park Dr. and we did not receive a letter of notice about the meeting on 04/24/09 as several other nearby neighbors did not, but we did attend.

I know this project is not going to be stopped which is a shame because nobody in the area wants it to be there, but I would like to tell our story anyway.

About 20 years ago we purchased three inexpensive properties in the Swiss Village area. We used two for rentals and one for our personal use. We have since paid for all three, and sold two of them.

About five years ago, a friend called our attention to a property at 602 E. Park that was for sale. We looked at it and even though it was very run down and needed a lot of work, it was affordable. If we sold our other personal property we could afford it! What we fell in love with was the 70-foot porch that sat up high and looked out over 2-plus acres of beautiful pine trees. It was a quiet, rural, secluded, and a perfect place to enjoy our upcoming retirement.

For the past five years we have worked hard bringing our property into a condition that we could enjoy in our retirement, all the time enjoying our porch overlooking those beautiful trees.   Last year we retired.

We always knew that whoever owned that property would build something there. We figured it would be two, three, or four homes and that some of the trees would be lost, but we never dreamed someone would make a subdivision with 11 homes on that land.

So we are very sad to think that now that we have reached our goal of relaxing on our property and our porch overlooking those beautiful trees, enjoying the many squirrels, many birds, quiet nights and days, we will be forced to look at 11 homes, more animals, more noise, more traffic, more crime, and many of the more than 250 tall trees missing.

Please consider all the people in this area who have supported Payson for many years and are very sad about the changes to that property and do not want that development to take place. There are so many homes for sale in Payson already, why do we need 11 more?

Walter and Beverly Dale


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