Be Wary, Payson



I feel that I can no longer maintain my silence after the ridiculous story in regards to the $1.1 million “mystery money.” Does our town manager think that because Payson is no longer in dire straits that she emerges the hero? How do you think we got into the debacle we are in? If finger pointing at Doug Hill, “who never questioned it last year,” or the previous council, the mayor or the current council is going to occur, then let’s be honest and tell the truth.

The current council obviously has no idea how much power they have given the town manager by their decisions. What other town has the manager making their decisions? What other town has the manager making hiring and firing decisions solo, in charge of the checkbook, performing HR duties and wearing most of the other hats in town?

Here is the truth, she was in the finance department where this “mystery money” was buried, and why did she not find it then herself? Before she made the decision to “lay off” half the town, why did she not turn every box in her “fiscal attic” upside down to find another way? She was not interested in looking for or hearing about other ways. These are things a true professional would do in order to best combat Payson’s current situation.

The bottom line is, “mystery funds” or not, Payson is in a world of hurt. This whole economic fiasco and what has come from it, has not, and is not, being handled professionally.

The town manager is not a professional public administrator, she was hired “to work in the finance department.” She is not running Payson in a professional manner.

Does it not seem strange that she claims her expertise is in finance when this whole situation hinges on exactly that?

Be wary, Payson!

Ariel McConaughey


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