Everyone Has A Right To An Opinion



Regarding the Democratic Headquarters sign on Highway 87, I believe there is a freedom of speech issue that should be addressed. I understand the Town of Payson considered it a campaign sign and ordered it removed.

This is not a standard cardboard campaign sign stuck into the ground with a piece of plywood. This is an attractive, professional business sign designating the site of the Democratic Headquarters. The Democratic Headquarters is no longer located there, but owners of other properties renting to businesses that vacate the premises are not required to remove the business signs. Even if it is considered a campaign sign, there is no date on it, and it can be considered a campaign sign for the 2012 election.

Now, vandals have irreparably defaced the sign. The owner of the property covered the defacement with a sign saying “America Supports Obama,” but he was told he still must remove the sign. Why isn’t a person allowed to put up a sign stating support of a duly elected president? I see signs on many properties saying “Support Our Troops.” What’s the difference?

Everyone has a right to an opinion and the right to express it.

Elaine Bohlmeyer


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