Fire Department’S Back Parking Lot Looking Good



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The Hellsgate Fire Department at station #22 has been given a facelift. Roy George Haught of Goat Creek Granite and Excavating in Star Valley donated 65 yards of granite to the fire station.

The back parking lot of the Hellsgate Fire Department, station #22 in Tonto Village on Thompson Road, looks great.

The firefighters fought the ruts and the mud all winter long and finally, thanks to Roy George Haught of Goat Creek Granite and Excavating in Star Valley, the lot looks wonderful.

Roy George delivered approximately 65 yards of granite to the lot last Wednesday. The firefighters got busy with the bobcat and spread it throughout the large lot. A big thank you to those firefighters who did the rest of the work to make the lot look so good. A special thank you to Fireflies member Linda Stailey for her efforts in helping the fire station obtain the granite, just in time for the annual Memorial Weekend breakfast that will be held on May 23.

The weather has been perfect for outdoor activities including hiking through the pines, but a word of caution.

Bears looking for food

Last week, a resident of Bear Flat spotted a rather large bear near the Bear Flat Road. He obviously was looking for food left by campers who did not “pack it in, pack it out.” The bear was approximately 6 feet tall, and was brown in color, and he is looking for readily available food, such as in trash bins and garbage cans. It is advisable that you secure your garbage can lids and keep the lids on the trash bins. The bear could be anywhere, but Bear Flat, Thompson Draw I and II and Tonto Village are most likely in his path as well as Kohl’s Ranch.


The Hellsgate Fire Department Board will hold its monthly meeting at the Tonto Village station on May 13. The meeting will start at 5:30 p.m. in the meeting room of the station.

The meetings are always open to the public and your comments are encouraged.


Rick and Sue Prach of Tonto Village I will celebrate their birthday one day apart. Rick’s birthday is May 14 and his wife Sue’s birthday is May 16. The secret of a happy life is to think kindly of the past and live fully in the now. Have a wonderful birthday, Rick and Sue.

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is this Sunday, May 10. Please remember the mother(s) in your life. I remember how I felt when my own mother passed away. I felt so desolate and orphaned even though I was in my 50s. Mothers are always in your corner and love you no matter what. Mom, you will forever be on my mind and in my heart.

To all my daughters who are mothers along with my granddaughters and my daughter-in-law, a very Happy Mother’s Day.

Pool results

Last Tuesday evening the Double D gals took on the Christopher Creek gals in the nine-ball tournament. If it wasn’t for the great plays by Betty Koutz who took first place, the gals from Christopher Creek would have had a shutout. Judi Tolle and Nancy Olson shot for second and third places.

The Sunday afternoon eight-ball tournament was won by Darek Daniels and Shawn Sparks took second place. Joe Ferriera shot for third place. Congratulations to all the winners.


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