Enough From The Liberal Left



I’m tired of all the hatred of the liberal left. They call Republicans NGO-Cons. We are racist if we don’t believe everything Obama says.

They bash Miss California on MSNBC because she believes in traditional marriage. MSNBC stands for Mussolini Stalin Nazi Broadcasting Company. People are so happy they got $400 from the government when IRS says that will have to be paid back. I say check out fairtax.org and it will show you a better tax system. Socialized health care is coming.

My $200,000 heart operation cost $110. I have health, auto and home insurance. People have to set priorities.

Next we will have cap and trade. An energy tax, a carbon tax. Obama never introduced a bill as state senator or U.S. senator. He now has all these great ideas.

He is just a puppet for Nancy Pelosi. She doesn’t remember discussing water boarding, but can give out names of CIA people.

Joe Biden and Janet Napolitano make all those dumb remarks and then apologize for them the next day.

I’m retired and on a fixed income, who is going to pay my debt and other Americans’ (debt) that Obama and his trillions of spending has put us in?

Dale Kasl


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