Freshman Is American Award Contest Winner


Young freshman Trent Turner has won the sixth annual Young American Awards Program essay contest. The locally organized and funded non-profit says it promotes the spirit of Americanism, education and information technology by rewarding students who wish to excel.

Turner won $350, first runner up Tiena Wisdom won $150, and four honorable mentions — Austin Carroll, Nathan Cupp, Amanda Sanders and Matthew Tackett, won $25.

The Ninth Amendment

by Trent Turner

ninth grade in young public school

The ninth amendment of the Constitution states that the rights of the people cannot be enumerated or denied.

The ninth amendment gives all American Citizens the rights that every one else has. The freedom of speech, or the freedom to religion those rights cannot be taken away by the government. The only way the government can take away the rights of the people is if they break the laws.

If the person is sentenced to jail or prison the rights are not completely taken away because a person gets certain rights in jail and or prison they have two rights and they are the freedom of religion and the freedom of speech. Prisoners can try to establish new rights in court.

If I was refused my ninth amendment rights I would be a very mad person because the right to be an American citizen was granted to me when I was born in America if I was born in a different country that did not give all their citizens the rights it would be understandable but a citizen of the United States gets those rights because of what the founding fathers did for this country the created a bill of rights and a Constitution so that we the new generation may have a better life.

When a person goes to prison he or she loses their rights because when committing a crime or breaking a law of society you choose to give up the rights that they used to have in the real world and not the world of prison

The ninth amendment is probably the most important amendment because without it there would be no rights for a person to vote, there would be a restriction on abortion and there would be no right to have trial by jury. Without all these rights and freedoms there would be a gap in the in the Bill of Rights and the Constitution.

The creators of the Constitution knew, even back then that the United States would undergo enormous changes through the future.

They created this amendment to cover for the future variables that could exist (since they did not know what the future would hold for our country).

A good example of this involves the right to privacy. Some have argued that privacy is not a natural right in its self, and it would be wrong to argue against its protection based on the fact that it is not explicitly stated in the Constitution or the Bill of Rights because we have the ninth amendment, and if understood correctly, would grant us that right.


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