Writer Has Right To Express Views



Letter writer Ric Hinkie is viewed with respect and affection by all who know him, which makes it the more puzzling and disturbing that he does not grasp the function of a free press.

Mr. Pyle has a constitutional right to write words they, Ric, doesn’t like. Mr. Pyle may write folksy cowboy stories or political observations, that is his choice, Ric, you are not the arbitrator of some one else’s words.

If you find fault with Mr. Pyle’s facts or opinions, feel free to correct him as you think best. To suggest that his words must first meet your litmus test for “responsible” or “positive” content is not just wrong in the American context, it is profoundly foolish and potentially quite dangerous to the American experiment.

I respectfully refer all to the first amendment of the Constitution for edification.

Andy McKinney


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