Grandchildren Will Pay For Debt



In response to Don Wickstrom’s letter to the editor in the May 5 Roundup, I want to say that he represents the present administration and the regime that sits in office dolling out zillions of taxpayer dollars to interests of the UAW and other unions that backed the Obama-led party last year.

The Congress’ “Nancy” and her flock are having a ball giving more zillions to fat left ideas that we as a nation will have to live with for decades. The informed and educated know that what is happening is wrong and that our grandchildren will be the ones who will have to pay for this folly in years ahead.

Just wait, Mr. Wickstrom, when Big Brother causes you to lose important freedoms and laws are passed that few really want in America. You have no idea what is ahead with this gang running our country (from a teleprompter). Obama is president going through course 101 with little experience.

He relies upon far-left thinkers who will not do us well. Wait and see. Socialism, communism and worse. Perhaps you should watch Fox Cable News and become informed rather than CNN and the mainstream media who are so entranced with Obama they can’t see the light. Get educated.

Kyle Strong


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