Plans Being Made For Community Potluck


The Christopher Creek Homeowners Association meeting is scheduled for 9 a.m., Saturday, May 23. One of the items on the agenda is a discussion of the upcoming community potluck June 13, which will be held on Columbine on the creek. Thanks to the owners of the three lots, they will be able to use that area, Mike and Peggy Milburn, Rose Ann Self, and Irma Armenta, who is contacting her niece.

There are a lot of old and new neighbors who would like to meet each other. All of the Christopher Creek community is invited to attend the potluck. There will be a pancake breakfast at the fire hall Saturday, May 23, and a blood drive starting at 10 a.m. Please attend and support the fire department.

There will also be a Free-For-All Saturday, May 23 and Sunday, May 24 in Christopher Creek, on the Loop in front of ERA starting at 11 a.m. Crafts, knickknacks, books, etc. will be for sale.

Hunter Creek Ranch cleanup

Hunter Creek Ranch’s second Community Cleanup and Picnic is scheduled for Saturday, June 13.

Place your brush, needles and leaves street side no later than Sunday, June 14. No logs bigger than 4 inches in diameter, no bags or trash of any kind. Material meeting those requirements will be picked up and removed by the HOA.

The potluck picnic starts at noon. Take a break from cleaning up your lot! Meet at Memory Lane common area (next to well house).

Stop by the registration table to get nametags and register for door prize. Bring a chair and your favorite dish to share (your choice). HOA will furnish paper plates, utensils, rolls, cookies and bottled water. Come out and meet your neighbors and enjoy some good food after a morning of hard work.

Packed house for fire board meeting

Monday night’s fire board meeting had a packed house of 54 concerned residents of the district. Many are really upset over the tax increase and had asked the board to consider the fact that the economy is really bad and to reduce the rate.

Fire Chief Gary Hatch was on hand to answer some questions residents had. He spoke of the tax rate for his district and said we had one of the lowest. Word in the back of the room where I was sitting was Diamond Star has over 4,000 residents we have about 400, we do not compare.

Gene Zehring spoke of how we could hire part-time paramedics and keep the tax rate lower.

Gene is a captain on the Gilbert Fire Department and a resident of Gordon Canyon. He tried to explain to the board that Forest Lakes does that and is very successful at it.

Jeff Daniel of Colcord Road wanted to know why they did not have any budget workshops, and if they would have had them, he said a lot of this could have been handled before the board meeting. A remark was made that maybe they don’t want input from the residents.

Dave Lloyd of Hunter Creek was very upset and said they needed to slow down, and in this economy he wanted to know “Why the chief was asking for a $6,000 raise and why is the chief giving raises when people are out of work and cutting back?”

Jim Hagen of C-Canyon asked the board to consider an alternative to hiring three full-time paramedics and see if it will help.

Kyle Gourdoux of Ponderosa Spring was upset and said that we voted in the board, but they are in their positions to do what is best for the residents of the district, and he feels that they are not listening to the residents.

Karen Thornton said she did not mind paying $50 more, and stated to let the board (members) do their jobs.

Judy Toole did not have a problem with the taxes.

Mr. Eggers of Ponderosa Spring was very vocal and concerned about the increase in taxes.

Longtime resident Betty Lusson, who also served many years on the Christopher Kohl’s Fire Department collected 62 letters from concerned residents of the district who did not want their taxes to go up. She said many residents pay a lot of taxes and cannot afford to see them go up. Some are on limited incomes and may not be able to live in this area anymore. She read aloud some of the comments from different areas in the district. One comment was that they had no job, their pension was cut, and everything is going up and they cannot afford it.

Another resident said to freeze the budget and go by last year’s budget. He said we are in the middle of a recession, there should be no increase in salaries and they should hold the line on taxes.

Another resident said he had to take a pay cut in his job and he strongly disagrees with any pay increases during this economic crisis. He felt they should also being getting a pay cut.

So, what happens if we start to see foreclosures like Payson is seeing now? What happens if people have to move? Will we have a new, big fire department and no people to protect. Will the board listen to the majority of the residents of the district?

The next board meeting is scheduled for 7 p.m., Monday, June 8.


Rhea Hoedl will be adding another candle to her cake May 18. Dave Carrothers will be celebrating also on May 18.

Susan Ronn has another birthday May 19, and Victoria Turco will also be adding another candle to her cake on May 19.

John Matus will be celebrating his birthday May 22 and his lovely wife Olive Matus will be celebrating May 23.

Carl Powel of Hunter Creek will be adding another candle to his crowded cake on May 23. Margarette, you better keep the fire extinguisher handy.

Wishing all of you a happy birthday.


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