‘Stolen’ Goose Was A Pet On A Stroll In The Park With Owners


The case of the missing goose has been successfully solved.

Turns out, the “thieves” are actually the goose’s owners, who occasionally like to take the goose out for walks around the park.

However, on May 6, when a concerned citizen saw a goose being placed inside a cage, put into an El Camino and then driven off, they thought it was being stolen from Green Valley Park.

Officers looked for the suspect’s car and the stolen goose, but were unable to locate it as of that evening.

Luckily, the Payson Police Department got a break in the case Monday afternoon when someone called to report the vehicle in question.

When an officer arrived at the home around 1:30 p.m., they spoke to the owners who explained that the goose was a pet purchased four years ago from the Round Valley area, said Chief Don Engler.

The owners reported that they had brought the goose to the park for walks several times before, similar to bringing a dog to the dog park for exercise.


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