Values Are The Backbone Of America



This country was formed by a group of men who carefully constructed, word for word, line by line, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights using Bible-based principles (values).

These written documents are the backbone of our country.

Our political leaders are undermining these great documents ever so slowly. Their back-room politics are charging and labeling the American people who do not agree with their ideas as terrorists. Our Constitution says we Americans have the right to voice our opinion, the right to bear arms and the right to worship and religion.

Our veterans who have served during peace and war are now being labeled terrorists.

Why? Because our leaders are concerned (afraid) that our veterans and citizens are becoming fed-up with our poorly run and corrupt government. When is enough, enough? It’s closer than you think.

The politicians say whatever you want to hear to get elected, and then do whatever they please when elected. It seems that their party, and the control and power of the elected office are their aim, not our Constitution or the Bill of Rights or the American people.

Mr. Obama chooses to ignore a simple request to prove without a doubt that you are an American citizen and have the right to be our president. If you have nothing to hide you would have proven this beyond any doubt long ago. But you choose to spend, or your backers choose to spend thousands of dollars fighting this request.

I have the greatest respect for the office of president. Mr. Obama, I refuse to call you Mr. President until this question of your place of birth is answered and ruled on in the United States Supreme Court.

Mr. Obama, I watched the video of you bowing before the King of Saudi Arabia and was appalled at the display of dishonoring the United States and the office of the president of the United States of America by this inappropriate action.

Mr. Obama, please get back to the basic principles (values) this country was founded on and don’t be party/power-minded.

Have and show the respect for the greatest country there is.

I am concerned that you don’t have the proper book on your nightstand.

I recommended that each Christian church in America send you a King James Bible so you will have the proper book on your nightstand. This will take away any excuse of you not knowing what principles (values) this country was built on.

Also please place them throughout all government offices so all personnel can be up to date on our country’s basic principles (values).

I recommended that all people concerned send a King James Bible to the governor of their state and/or to each of their elected officials so everyone will be properly informed.

I will continue to pray for you Mr. Obama and our country.

Mr. Obama please don’t waste the blood of our veterans past or present or the blood that was shed on the cross.

God bless America.

John Frerichs


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