Crosswalk Guard Needed



Crossing the intersection at McLane and Longhorn is very difficult for the students walking to and from school, “very difficult” being the understatement of the year. I walk to school almost every day, when I get to the crosswalk, I usually have to wait for a while before I am able to safely cross the road. Then when I’m finally able to go, I start across, but then a car tries to go at the same time. I look both ways, and make sure that the drivers know I’m there, but then they still try to go when I am trying to cross the road. The drivers only look out for the other cars, as if the students aren’t even there. The buses for the school are the worst, they wait for their turn to go, but they pay no heed to the students walking.

Here is one story I got from a fellow student:

“… Me and my friend started to cross the road, we were a fourth of the way across when a bus started to turn, so we had to turn back and wait some more …”

This bothers me and, I’m sure, many others. Sometimes the cars just tear through the intersection without even looking for any students who are trying to cross the road. I know that parents are taking their children places, and are in a hurry, but they need to slow down and watch for the walkers. There are other people there, students walking to and from school, and are also in a hurry.

I think that we should have a crosswalk guard, so students and other people walking can walk across the street without worrying about being hit by a car.

Marcy Ward


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