The Forgotten Many



Some of us who attend church regularly were disappointed that on May 7 the National Day of Prayer was not actively supported by President Obama.

I think it was worthy of more than a proclamation from the Oval Office.

Doesn’t the president know that almost 90 percent of Americans admit to believing in God? Of those, more than 50 percent attend church or temple regularly.

President Obama recognized the NCAA basketball champions at the White House because it was one of his priorities. However, at a time when there are a lot of people in this country hurting due to the current economic conditions, doesn’t involvement on his part on the National Day of Prayer seem a little more appropriate?

Did the president forget that a lot of votes he received were from Christians and Jews who are praying for the success of his economic stimulus plan? Let’s not forget that those of us who did not vote for him are praying for success, although we do not agree with his economic plan.

When President Obama toured Europe recently, why was it important for him to be apologetic to the leaders of the European countries about mistakes made by the United States of America?

Did the president forget that thousands of this country’s fathers, sons and daughters of our “Finest Generation” remain in Europe in military cemeteries? Having said that, I don’t think there is any reason for the president of the United States to ever apologize to Europeans about anything that happened in the past.

Bob Hibbert, president

Rim Country Republican Club


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