How The Right Helped The Left Gain Totalitarian Power



When Homeland Security Secretary Napolitano reported that millions of patriotic Constitution-loving Americans were on her suspect and surveillance list talk radio treated it like a spying storm.

They screeched like magpies for a day or so and then let it go. Why? Not since Stalinist Russia or Faeist Germany have we seen such evidence of an open move toward a police state. If your free speech bothers her, you’re on her list. If you own a gun, you’re on her list. If your political and religious veins differ from hers, you’re on her list. Your designation potential right wing extremist. Her words. Your rights under the Constitution therefore no longer exist.

By what authority has she acquired such power? Better read the national I.D. Act and the misnamed Patriot Act again. They were given to us (by) with the help of many so-called conservatives and most of talk radio.

How many of the people on her list were already being surveilled by Chernoff and the Bush administration for the same reasons? Laws sold as a way to stop foreign terrorist are now being turned against the American people. The national I.D. Act established a massive, centrally coordinated database of highly personal information that is shared with Mexico and Canada and is accessed through your drivers license.

The RFID (radio frequency I.D.) chip embedded in the license ensures your movements are tracked 24/7. It redefines terrorism in broad terms that include members of firearms rights and anti-abortion grasps, or any other such groups is determined by whoever is in power at the time!

Retired Federal Judge Andrew Napolitano (no relation to Janet) in his book “The Constitution in Exile” states the Patriot Act and its progency are the most unconsitutional assaults by government on personal freedom since the Alien and Sedition Acts of 1798.

In effect, the government says “give us your freedom and we will protect you. The Fourth Amendment clearly prohibits search warrants from any authority other than a judge. However the Patriot Act allows federal authorities to write their own search warrants giving them access to all your records and transactions.

In a shortsighted response to the 9/11 terrorist attack the right helped give our government a piece of legislation which Judge Napolitano warns has destroyed our Fourth Amendment right to privacy and the First Amendment right to free speech. Comrade Secretary Napolitano has inherited Gestapo-like powers. No wonder talk radio is silent. It was their baby.

Brian Ottmer


ALLAN SIMS 3 years, 11 months ago

The article is spot on. Keep in mind that Bush also came up with the Dept. of Homeland Security. They are the folks that have purchase orders issued for 700 million rounds of various anti-personnel (As opposed to military type) rounds. Ostensibly these are for training. Right. (Some people have claimed the PO has been expanded to include over 4 billion rounds. I can’t substantiate that, but I have personally read the original PO on a gov't website.)

Those same folks have 2500 heavy duty personnel carriers scattered around the nation that make military personnel carriers look sick. You can readily find them on the net. Just Google “DHS armored personnel carrier”. Note the gun turret in the top which is for a mini-gun. (That’s a souped-up Gatling gun that can fire 6,000 rounds per minute.)

Although better than Kerry (By far) Bush was a big government, not so conservative who saw these steps as a necessary evil to safeguard the nation. To his credit, there were no terrorist attacks on his watch, which the current administration has failed miserably in.

In the near future Bush, and we who didn’t kick him in the teeth for it, will regret the creation of these assaults against our constitution described in this article.


Ronald Hamric 3 years, 11 months ago

"Where are the usual right-wing commentariat in response to this letter??"

Wll Mr. Jones, I am right here. It may come as a shock to you that I have been a "Non-affiliated "voter for many years. I have no great admiration for either political party. George Bush was truly a dissappointment. Having said that, he was excortiated, villified, and demonized way beyond simple political differences by the Left and their media minions. My resistance and response to those that spit out such visceral hatrid and vitriol towards him, was that many were "going to school" on just how to "display hate" and when the Left's person assumed office, that person could expect the same treatment back, in spades. It proved to be a correct observation.

I sense that you somehow "catagorized" me and some others relative to your own world view and our differences in those views The more I read of your posts, it appears it is you who have an entrenched, inflexable socio/political ideology. As a Conservative/Evanglical I find progressive/socialists and their ideology an anathema to the traditions of this country. Certainly this nation's history is replete with error and wrong doings. As it says in the Holy Bible "None are without sin, no not one". But in spite of all it's warts and flaws, the history of this nation exemplifies a far better place overall than any other "empire" in history. To this day, we are still not "getting it right" every time. Such is fallen man. But I for one am not ready to quietly go into "The New World Order" and all which such a move portends. As wrong as this nation has been in it's past, it doesn't fly that we should just scrap it all for some new, theoretical Utopian world which any rational person would surely long for. Sorry, no such world this side of heaven. We can vow to learn from past transgressions and strive to not repeat them again, but that doesn't mean we can't retain what was the best of America. That is all I want for each American, current and future. Your milage may vary.


ALLAN SIMS 3 years, 11 months ago

I never met the man, though I did live pretty close to him at one time, and doing so, I met many people who knew him personally. He and I shared the same dentist, for example. According to these folks, the man is uncommonly smart.

Another example was that a fellow I once worked with, but who had later retired, wound up chauffeur for him while he was in the area. Again this fellow, who had run his own successful business before selling it to the fellow I worked for (i.e. smart himself) gave me his impressions of Bush, and they were not in the least derogatory.

Another interesting thing was early on he was reputed to not be able to find his way out of a paper bag by his detractors, but then suddenly he was the most cunning enemy those same people had, and the mastermind behind actions that out maneuvered them at every turn. It is interesting how much his intelligence apparently increased over those few months.

Now, I don’t like many things he did. He spent money like a drunken sailor, he put in place damaging incursions into our freedoms in the name of security and he took the wrong steps in his last economic moves. But he was honest, which is more than I can say for the fellow before him, or the one that followed.


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