Make Events Affordable



I find it incongruous that our special events always are touted as “something for the community” or these are “family events” or other such verbiage.

This, of course, is intended to “sell” our full-time residents, who work in and around, Payson of the sincerity of those putting on these events. The reality, however, is that a family of four finds it almost, if not, impossible to attend these activities.

Entry fees are way too much and that does not take into account purchase of food or drink. Ever take kids to an event when they did not want something to eat, drink or? (And some of our service clubs rely on these funds generated from the sale of food items.)

Look at the people who line the streets for any and all the parade(s).

And check out the crowds at the Beeline Cruise-In car show, Wildlife Fair, Fourth of July, Easter egg hunt, etc. Why? It’s free and something they can do as a family.

Then why don’t they support these “so-called” special events? Simply because they are priced outside the monies that are available for our families. I am not saying they should not “charge” something, but folks, let’s make it realistic!

If these organizers really “want to do something” for our community, then make the pricing for entrance such that all can afford it.

Bruce Wilson


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