Make Main Street A Community Effort



After reading the story in the newspaper regarding Main Street Median Improvement and the possibility of returning the funding (are you kidding?). As a 20-plus year Payson resident, I feel strongly about seeing such a lovely and lucrative improvement all the way down Main Street and I would like to offer a suggestion.

According to the chamber of commerce, there are more than 100 clubs and organizations in this area. Each club could be offered a specific amount of footage to adopt. The selected clubs would be responsible to landscape their area (ie: plant a small tree, a bench, flowers, a shade ramada, whatever) along with a plaque with their organization’s name recognizing their efforts.

There could be guidelines for some uniformity. A small oversight committee would review each organization’s submittals and approve their suggestions. (I volunteer to be on that committee).

Each club would need to agree to maintain their area for one year. Extra/free labor could be provided by inmates at the jail, and some tools. For a day’s wages for a detention officer, hundreds of dollars of labor could be provided.

The fine young men and women of the FFA might want to participate as part of a project, and get credit besides. How about the Payson High School wood shop class to provide architectural interest? They turn out some impressive work.

The Town of Payson would, of course, need to provide a water supply to the area and follow on maintenance of same. When this is completed and the opportunity rises for the next strip of Main Street to be improved, other organizations could be presented with the same offer, providing a cohesive effort of town and businesses to beautify a piece of Payson history.

If that money is returned, we can kiss any hope of future funding goodbye. You need to find a way to go forth with this project.

Thank you for listening.

Sandra M. Mason


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