Thieves Plague School


For the fourth time in the last four months, Payson High School reported a burglary on campus. This time computer equipment was stolen in the dead of night.

Overnight Wednesday, someone broke into the school and stole laptops from the social studies and science classrooms by prying open a door and a window. Both rooms are on the south side of the school where there is limited visibility from the street, making them an easy target to thieves looking for a quick steal.

Vice Principal Tim Fruth said it appears the thief broke into the science room by prying open a window and the social studies room by prying open a door.

Once inside, two school-issued laptops were taken, but everything else was left as is.

“They knew what they wanted,” Fruth said. “It really is a shame, because they are stealing from the taxpayer.”

In one of the rooms, the laptop was secured with a computer cable lock, which was cut.

Fruth said the school has had break-ins in the past, including several over the summer when a number of rooms were broken into and computers and projectors stolen. The school currently does not have an alarm system in place for the classrooms, but does have four cameras on the main building.

Fruth said most, if not all of the break-ins happen in rooms that face south and away from the street where people would not notice someone or something suspicious.

Since January, the school reported three other burglaries said Payson Police Chief Don Engler.

In the first one, on Jan. 6, a computer monitor was stolen from an open classroom.

Then on March 26, a cell phone was stolen from a locker room. A juvenile was arrested and convicted in that case, Engler said.

On March 30, a tire and rim were stolen from a vehicle and another juvenile was arrested and convicted.


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