The Pain In Nain


In the previous article, Simone Lake discussed when Jesus entered the city of Nain and saw a widowed woman grieving the death of her only son. Immediately His heart had compassion upon her and He ministered to her specific pain. This week, she wants readers to know Jesus can bring new life to their personal situation of pain.

I personally may not know the specifics of your individual pain. But I do know that whatever pain you are going through, whatever grief paralyzes you, numbs you to a place of immobility ... that very spot of pain is the one that Jesus would like to bring comfort to.

Would you allow Him to come through your gate of pain to bring comfort, kindness, healing and hope?

Jesus, the Son of God, connected to this widow’s pain and brought her comfort as well as all those in the city. Truly God had visited these people in Nain. And truly God will visit you, just like the woman in Nain; Jesus will have compassion on you. It may not be in the exact way that He ministered to the widow at Nain, but we can trust that it will be customized to our own personal needs.

We can believe it to be true because He spoke it. It is confirmed and we can receive this promise as solidified in the Bible. God’s Word is spoken to us because God visits His people.

We can trust Jesus at His word. Not only did Jesus minister to so many people with pain here on earth, but most importantly, He Himself experienced it as the Savior of the world. He knows what it is like to be in pain and to need comfort.

Enduring the physical pain of the carrying the cross then hanging on the cross in an agonizing death of crucifixion.

Enduring the emotional pain of His loved ones leaving Him in His greatest time of need at the garden of Gethsemane.

Enduring the mental anguish of carrying the burden of all the sin of the world as well as praying so intensely that blood inside of sweat poured out on his forehead.

Yes, Jesus understands pain. He experienced it on earth; he experienced it on the cross.


What type of throbbing pain are you dealing with?

Would you take that pain to Jesus and open the gate for Him to come and comfort you?

He is currently sitting at the right hand of our heavenly Father praying for you.

Call upon Him to assist you in the midst of your pain.

Call upon Him for comfort, strength, endurance, hope, refreshing, mending ... and more.

Acknowledge that He is the great Comforter in the midst of your pain.

Whatever pain you are going through, whatever grief that paralyzes you, please be reassured that Jesus is right there in the midst of it, comforting you and ministering to all who would let Him right smack dab in the midst of their hopelessness, grief and deep sorrow. There is where you will find the compassionate Savior. There you will know that God has visited you.

Updates on my friend/mentor whose son was injured in a fire

Many of you have wondered what has been the end result for my dear friend’s son (from the May 6 Firm Foundations article called “The Pain in Nain”).

Ed*, a fire captain, was the one who was trapped in a house ablaze with fire. Fire gear protected the majority of his body as well as his head and face. However, most of the damage was done to his hands and forearms with danger of amputation. After the fire accident happened, days and one month followed as Ed*, spent much hospital time in severe pain. Skin grafts were completed to save the hands and the waiting process began. The doctors were completely amazed and astonished at how fast Ed’s* body recovered. This amazement and hope of the doctors increased each and every time they completed a medical procedure, such as skin grafts and daily scraping of the skin grafts (so infection would not develop). Then there was the never-ending joint movement and exercise so that the fresh skin grafted areas would adapt to new places and for the skin NOT to develop into “web” type hands.

After two months of a steady incline of healing, in May, the doctors will release him back to his job. He will be able to begin work again in his fire department starting with light work. His new temporary job will be at a desk, as well as driving others around (which will help to exercise his hands).

CLEARY as mentioned in Luke 7

Jesus saw my friend

Had compassion upon her and her son

Jesus spoke comfort to her

Ministered to her specific pain

All those around (including the doctors) glorified God

And now the news has spread all around. My friend and mentor gives all the credit and glory to God and for those who were faithful to pray on her son’s behalf. Truly they are glorifying God spreading the news all around that “God has visited His people!”

*Names and some details have been changed for privacy.

Biblical Text: Luke Chapter 7

Book to Read: “Why? ... Trusting God When You Don’t Understand” by Anne Graham Lotz

About the Author:

Simone Lake is a full-time minister and serves in her calling in the areas of international Bible teacher, speaker, missionary, mentor, chaplain and author. She holds a master’s degree in theology and attends Church on Randall Place where she serves in various capacities alongside her husband, Pastor John Lake.

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