Sawdust Festival Rules And Regulations



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The object in the Horizontal Power Saw Bucking event is to keep the cut pieces on top of the remaining standing log for three cuts.


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Keeping the cut pieces of log on top of the remaining standing log for three cuts during the Horizontal Power Saw Bucking event is no easy task.


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Women can compete for both the Lady Logger of the Year and Arizona Lady Logger of the Year titles and prize money.


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Fun events like the Cigar Smoking Firefighting contest balance the more serious competitions that require concentration and skill.

These rules are subject to change. The field judge and chairman will make any and all changes. All rules will be reviewed with contestants prior to each event. The event judges’ decision is final.

A1 – Horizontal Power Saw Bucking, USFS Approved – Men

A2 – Horizontal Power Saw Bucking, USFS Approved – Women

a. One man/woman to do the bucking of a 14-inch maximum log.

b. Chain saw provided, contestant may provide own chain or use chain provided by chain saw service. Five minutes prior to event all saws will be placed in the area of the event.

c. Disqualification if chain hits ground after time starts.

d. Log will be placed upright 3 to 4 feet tall.

e. The time will start when the contestant touches the running saw to the wood and will stop when the saw is placed on the ground with engine fully stopped.

f. There will be three complete cuts made, one cut to be opposite the other two cuts.

g. All three rounds must stay on log, 10-second penalty for each round that falls.

A3 – Single Bucking (Crosscut) – Men

a. One man to do the bucking of a 12- to 16-inch log with unmodified crosscut saw; oiler permitted; no M-tooth permitted.

A4 – Jill & Jill Bucking Crosscut

a. Two women to do the bucking of a 12- to 16-inch log with unmodified crosscut saw; oiler permitted; no M-tooth permitted.

A5 – Jack & Jill Bucking Crosscut - Same as A4

A6 – Jack & Jack Bucking Crosscut - Same as A4

A7 – Cutting & Stacking Men

A8 – Cutting & Stacking Women

a. Chain saw provided, contestant may use own chain or chain provided by chain saw service. 4- to 7-inch logs placed upright.

b. Contestant will buck less than 2-inch rounds and catch and catch them on the chain saw bar, and then proceed to stack them one on top of the other starting at ground level. Contestant will not be allowed to touch rounds with hands or feet.

c. At the end of three minutes the contestant will be motioned to stop and the stack will free stand until the judge touches it and begins to count the rounds. If the stack should fall after time is called but before the judge touches it, it will automatically be a disqualification.

d. Contestants will stack as many rounds as possible within a 3-minute time period.

A9 – Power Saw Bucking Men

A10 – Power Saw Bucking Women

Rules same as A2 but log will be horizontal.

A11 – Log Toss

a. Contestant will toss a 10-foot pulp log.

b. Contestant may not cross the toss line, if contestant crosses toss line that toss will not count.

c. Each contestant gets three tosses.

d. Each toss will be measured from toss line to where pulp log comes to rest.

e. The longest toss per contestant will be scored.

A12 – Rolling Pin Throw – Women

a. Contestants will be judged for distance and accuracy. A chalk line will be drawn down the center of the course and another line drawn across the first line, this will be the scratch line.

b. The distance will be measured from the scratch line following the center line to a point of probable location. Then to figure accuracy, the point of actual impact to probable impact is measured; this sum is then subtracted from the point of probable impact back on the center line to get an actual distance.

A13 – Log Roll

a. One man will roll a log 20 feet utilizing a cant hook, until both ends of the log come to rest against two posts.

b. 20-foot-long log, 20-foot course, posts spaced 16 feet apart.

c. Time will start when contestant touches log and stops when log comes to rest on both posts.

d. Contestant may not use hands or feet to move log.

A14 – Women’s Medley

A15 – Men’s Medley

For both medleys:

a. First the contestant will start with power bucking and the time will start when the chain touches the log – there will be only one cut and then the contestant will shut off the saw and put it on the ground.

b. The contestant will then continue to the log walk/run where they will run or walk the entire length of a pre-determined length of log; if the contestant should fall off the log, they will go back to the beginning of the log and start over and continue until they can complete the entire length of the log without slipping off.

c. Finally the contestant will throw the ax – the contestant will be required to stick the ax in the target and will continue to throw until this is accomplished.

d. SCORING – As soon as the contestant sticks the ax into the target, the time stops. The contestant with the lowest time wins. In the case of a tie, the contestant with the best score on the ax throw will win.

A16 Men’s Ax Throw (30 feet)

A17 Women’s Ax Throw (20 feet)

a. Equipment is a double bit ax with the head weighing at least 2-1/2 pounds and having an overall length of at least 24 inches.

b. The contestant will be given three throws; the combined total of all three throws will be added together to obtain the final score. The highest score wins. In case of a tie, there will be a one throw throw-off, with the highest score winning the tie.


Equipment for the safety of contestants is being required in the events using power saws. The equipment includes chaps, gloves and goggles and is being provided by Stihl, which is also providing the power equipment for the festival.

Bill Neal, who is helping coordinate the festival with Cameron Davis, the director of the Payson Parks, Recreation and Tourism Department, recommends contestants wear sturdy shoes and T-shirts. Long pants are required to be worn by participants. No shorts will be allowed in the arena, Neal said.

For more information, call the chamber at (928) 474-4515 or go online to the Web site


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