Arizona In Disarray



Our Arizona state government is in disarray and is ineffective.

We have a governor who can’t or won’t lead, we have GOP budget committees that hold their deliberations in secret, and we have a majority of the legislature that feels its OK to “steal” money from our cities, towns and schools, so they can claim they aren’t raising taxes.

Education, health services, prisons, roads, social services, etc., all cost money. To decimate what little progress our beloved Arizona has made in recent years in the areas of caring for children, the impoverished, and the underserved is not acceptable.

The only way to show the current majority party in both the governor’s office and in the legislature that we won’t accept overcrowded classrooms, unemployed teachers, and raids on monies that our cities and towns legitimately have a right to, is to vote out of office the current arrogant and myopic “leaders” we have at the state capitol in Phoenix. Mark your calendars for elections in November.

I, for one, am tired of a lack of governance from our Arizona state government.

Richard K. Meszar


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