Ruling Does Not Make Sense



What is wrong with our civil judicial system in Payson?

You take someone to court with evidence, the defendant brings none, and the judge is allowed to make a ruling that he doesn’t have to explain.

Wow. I understand that you can’t appeal a small claim, but has common sense flown out the window here?

I had a signed contract and the defendant never paid what he owed, instead, he tells the judge, “I paid in cash and by the way I didn’t get a receipt for the cash payment.”

The plaintiff shows the judge all the payments that were paid to her from previous loans, dates, etc., from this defendant going back to 2006. And somehow the judge surmises I guess because he doesn’t have to tell us what he is thinking that somehow the contract that was $2,722.30 is now worth $1,000. I have lived in Payson for over 30 years and have always been a hard working, honest, giving person, but what happened today makes me question why do I even try to help people when a dishonest person is able to reap rewards from our civil court system for being dishonest in such a blatant way with the civil courts blessing.

Irene Neal


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