Dps Officers Looking For Tired, Impaired Drivers During Holiday Weekend


The Arizona Department of Public Safety is prepared for an increase in highway traffic as thousands of drivers take to the road for the long Memorial Day weekend.

Last year, 17 people died in 14 crashes across Arizona over the holiday weekend.

This year, DPS will increase enforcement efforts during peak collision times.

For speeding, DPS will deploy mobile photo enforcement units throughout the state, especially on stretches of highway where serious injury or fatal collisions have occurred, with the goal to get drivers to slow down.

Speeding greatly increases the chances of a collision, as it reduces the amount of time a motorist will have to react to a hazard. Following the speed limits will decrease the chances of serious injury or death in a collision.

For impaired driving, DPS said if you plan to drink this holiday, make sure you have a designated driver or plan to call a cab.

Once you start drinking, your ability to make sound decisions decreases with each drink.

Wearing a safety restraint will ensure that you stop with your car. Without it, you could be thrown from the vehicle if you are involved in a collision.

And DPS reminds motorists that you should make your calls and text messages before driving.

If your phone rings, let it go to voicemail and call the person back when you have reached your destination.


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