Holiday Weekend Was A Busy One In Christopher Creek



A blood drive took place at the Christopher/Kohl’s Fire Department.

There was a blood drive Sunday at the Christopher/Kohl’s Fire Department conducted by United Blood Services.

When I arrived, Judy Toole of Christopher Creek was having her blood drawn by technician, Irma Miramontes. Dale Ashby and Rick Schantz were waiting their turn. Thanks to everyone who gave their blood and their time on that busy holiday weekend.

The weekend brought a lot of people to the Christopher Creek area, but the weather was not going along with the holiday. I thought it felt more like the 4th of July weekend.

We had so much rain it was crazy. I am not complaining because it is great for the forest, but it seemed every time the guests got ready to grill, the sky would open up and pour.

Sunday night we were talking with everyone as they were grilling their steaks and then we went back to the house to watch a movie. About a half hour into the movie I heard all this rain coming down really heavy, then I looked outside and it started to hail. I could hear the kids on the playground yelling as they ran for cover. I am not sure if they got to eat or not.

Some people really liked the change and the nice cool evenings, but others wished they could have had nicer weather for fishing. Not to fear, summer is coming.

Fire board meets June 9

The next fire board meeting is scheduled for Monday, June 8 at the fire hall.

If you have any concerns, please attend the meeting and voice your opinion. You can also call board members and let them know how you feel — Debbie Dawson, chairperson, (928) 478-0788; Margo Holmes, vice chairman, (928) 478-4772; and Jim Oliver, treasurer, (928) 478-4210.

As everyone knows, a lot of stuff goes around the creek, so to speak, but if you want the facts, call one of the board members and they will be happy to go over any of your concerns.


Susan Rhodes of Hunter Creek will be celebrating another birthday on June 1. Kaitlyn Armistead will be adding another candle to her cake June 2. Sandra Coolidge, who works at Tall Pines Market, will be celebrating on June 4. Wishing all of you ladies a happy birthday.


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