Federal Government Bent On Making United States A Nonentity



Some fedgov techniques for reducing the U.S. to a nonentity satisfactory to the world’s idle rich and socialist, Marxist, Ayatollah, petty dictator and tyrant rulers:

Destroy the U.S. currency by inflating its value to zero.

Printing paper dollars 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and inventing new dollars out of thin air (a bank loan equals that amount of new “money”) has, so far, produced a 2008 dollar that buys what six cents bought in 1940. The incomprehensible binge of spending in 2009 should provide a major hit on what little is left of the purchasing power of the dollar.

De-industrialize the U.S. economy by creating a massive regulatory environment so pervasive and oppressive that industry is compelled to move overseas, and rewarded by the federal government (no import duties, manufacturing investments in communist countries assured loss-proof by the U.S. taxpayer, no OSHA, EPA, ESA, IRS, etc. ad nauseam) when it does so.

The cost to domestic industry for compliance with the 69,428 pages of the Federal Register was $1.172 trillion in 2008, not counting the additional drain on the economy of the $49.1 billion the feds spent to harass U.S. industries into compliance. Result: 30 percent of U.S. employment was in manufacturing in 1940. Today, it’s 15 percent.

The U.S. incandescent light bulb industry will be destroyed (in 2012) by the stroke of a congressional pen in order to benefit (the U.S.’s primary creditor) Communist China’s fluorescent light bulb industry.

The lunatic legislation known as “cap and trade” will complete the eradication of U.S. industries.

Destroy the U.S. energy infrastructure by: stopping all domestic petroleum drilling; using “cap and trade” to complete the eradication of domestic petroleum refineries (leaving the U.S. totally dependent on imports from countries which despise us); shutting down the coal-fired power plants which produce 50 percent of U.S. electricity; diverting all future energy development to the proven inadequate and inconsistent solar and wind systems. Thirty years of California effort and expense in solar/wind produces 1.72 percent of total California energy production, forcing them to import 22 percent of their electricity. Europe’s experience mirrors that of California.

Erase the U.S. Judeo/Christian societal foundation, liberty and individuality by supporting and subsidizing massive immigration to overwhelm our social structures with those of foreign lands; and using Public Education (Karl Marx’s 10th platform plank) to produce a society ignorant of America’s values and traditions.

Terry Putnam


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