The Public Option Is Not Difficult To Understand



So what is it that people don’t understand about the public option for medical insurance?

Option: To wish or desire; a choosing, choice; something that is or could be chosen.

Is that so difficult to understand?

The option would make it possible for low income people to acquire medical insurance that they could not afford to buy from the private sector. So what’s the fear? Socialized medicine? We already have it, Medicare.

The United States Armed Forces and the Veterans Administration have full-blown socialized medicine. That means the government owns the facilities and employs the staff and they don’t have to pay for the profiteering of trial lawyers and insurance companies. Now isn’t that an interesting concept?

Oh, but it will cost money to insure the low income citizens of this country. Health care in the United States is 15.2 percent of our gross domestic product. That’s the highest among developed countries, yet we rank 37th in taking care of our citizens’ health needs. What’s wrong with this picture?

Senator Jon Kyl is right, trial lawyers are responsible for 10 percent of our medical costs due to the high cost of liability insurance and unnecessary tests that doctors order to protect them from liability. Aggressive tort reform is a necessary component in reducing health care costs.

If we are so concerned about the profits of the trial lawyers and the insurance companies, then we don’t deserve health care reform.

Wayne Donnay


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