Halloween Costume Contest Was Tough To Judge


What is going on with the weather? Last week, the temperature was in the teens in the Village and never got above 50 degrees.

Now this week, the days have been glorious with the temperatures near 80 degrees and the nighttime temperatures are just about on the freezing mark. I literally picked the last rose of summer last week before the really cold weather struck. I placed the rose on my kitchen window sill and it lasted for almost a week.

Wedding Bells

Tonto Village III will be the site of the wedding ceremony for Jody Romo and Chuck Spalink on Nov. 7 at 3 p.m. Jody is the daughter of Jan Davenport, and Chuck is the son of Rita Spalink.

The address is 77 N. Ponderosa Circle in Tonto Village III for both the ceremony and the reception. Dannette Anderson will be officiating the wedding. Jan says that this will be an “open house” wedding, so everyone is invited to celebrate the union.

Grandson deployed

Joan Phippeny of Diamond Point Summer Homes received word this past week that her grandson, Staff Sgt. Kris Nippress, and his family have been assigned to two years of duty in South Korea. Sgt. Nippress is being assigned through Fort Sill, Okla. with the Patriot Missile Unit.

His family — wife Deborah and their two children, Elizabeth and Karina, and their two cats — flew on Korean Airlines. The flight took more than 11 hours and the children got a little antsy, but the crew was very accommodating to the family and they were treated very well.

Collins Ranch

Collins Ranch is having a whole new water system put in, including a new 30-foot by 50-foot steel building.

The former facility was inadequate. The building that housed the components of the water tanks was falling apart. It has been a lot of work on the part of the residents, but it will all be worth it to have a brand new water facility.

Hellsgate Fire Department

The next meeting of the Hellsgate Fire Board will be on Wednesday, Nov. 18, at Station #22 in Tonto Village.

The meeting will start at 5:30 p.m. The meetings are always open to the public and comments are welcome.

Double D Doings

The nine-ball tournament got under way last Tuesday evening. Winners were Sherri Roebuck of Kohl’s Ranch, followed by Tonto Village II resident Linda Stailey. Third place winner was Payge Ferriera of Houston Mesa. Congratulations to the winners.

The Double D was crowded on Saturday evening, Halloween night, with all sorts of creatures. The costume contest was pretty hard to judge; there were so many great costumes. First-place honors went to Dee and Jim White of Tonto Creek Shores, who were dressed up like a 50th wedding anniversary.

The second-place winner was Sherri Roebuch. Her costume was the ‘Queen of Hearts.’

Third-place winner was Melissa Janssen, whose costume was a ‘black widow.’

Gary from Kohl’s Ranch came dressed as a ‘whoopie cushion,’ and won the prize for funniest costume.

The most original costume was won by Trina Reese and Tammy Randall. They were both dressed as ‘Octomom.’

Honorable mention went to Lynda St. John and Judy from Christopher Creek. They were dressed as a ‘convict and a jailer.’ Also, Ross from Christopher Creek came dressed as a mortician, and Bailey Randall dressed as a ‘German Beer Girl.’ All received honorable mention.

Next Wednesday, Nov. 11, is a remembrance day for our veterans. Please take a minute out of your busy day to remember what our service men and women have sacrificed for all of us to remain free.

Fly your flag to show your support. Or better yet, attend one of the ceremonies that have been scheduled around the Payson area. I personally want to thank each one of our soldiers, sailors and marines for their dedication to duty and their commitment to keep our nation safe and out of harm’s way.


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