Mark Your Calendars



In one year, on Nov. 2, 2010, Arizonans will have an opportunity to change the course of our wonderful state for the better. For too many decades, far right Republicans in both the State House and Senate have legislated our state into financial, educational, and social turmoil.

Their philosophy of cutting taxes for businesses and the wealthy, starving schools and social services of needed resources, and being bombastic instead of cooperative with even moderates of their own party has left our state in dire straits. We, the taxpayers, deserve better.

Who’s to blame for this malaise in state government? We, the voters, are the primary culprits! We continue to elect the same caliber of legislators hoping that they will modify their self-indulgent behavior and serve the general welfare of our state. This has proven to be false hope.

The majority of the current crop of state lawmakers richly deserves to be retired from their elected positions in 2010. Caring and thinking Arizonans need to mark their calendars — Nov. 2, 2010 signifies the date we can take back our beloved state from the dysfunctional legislators currently in office.

Richard K. Meszar


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