Time To Wake Up And Pay Attention



Are you going to be in the headlights?

It seems forever, but my involvement with what is happening in our nation’s capital has only come about since 9/11/01.

Oh yes, I voted (and took a fairly good look at who I was voting for) but, I foolishly turned my attention back to my day to day distractions after the elections ... too busy and too dumb to realize what could happen while I was “asleep.”

Looking back I am ashamed that I thought so little of my country and my liberties that I “forgot” about them until recently, realizing they are slipping away and everything is topsy-turvy. Did you know that our schools no longer teach civics or the true history of our great country?

I’m awake now! I’m reading bills that our legislatures are voting for. I carry signs at rallies, march in D.C. and join like-minded others concerned about why our Congressmen aren’t listening tening to us. We make phone calls and fax ... flooding in-boxes of both parties with encouragement, or in many cases, chastisement for disregarding our Constitution and our pleas.

We are now fighting the trillion dollar, 1,990-page health care bill that really doesn’t offer “reform.” This bill will limit our choices, tests and procedures. And, there will be rationing.

Ration health care? Who would they do this to? You guessed it, your mom and dad, your grandparents and the folks down the block that you sit next to in church. In fact, they look very much like you and me.

Join our voices — tell Kyl and McCain we are not disposable and ask them to vote no on this bill.

Judy Oconnell


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