Veterans Helping Veterans Needs Help



Freedom is not free.

Veterans Day is Wednesday Nov. 11. Veterans Helping Veterans is a nonprofit group helping veterans get back on their feet and rejoin society. This is a very unique place for veterans.

We house them, we clothe them, we give them counseling, we help them stay sober and clean of drugs. Misty Isley, runs Veterans Helping Veterans, Misty is a retired lieutenant colonel in her 80s. She is a three-time survivor of cancer. She does more in a 24-hour day than most people do in an entire lifetime.

Misty has helped out thousands of veterans over the years. She needs your help now, to keep Veterans Helping Veterans open all year-round. Remember what our veterans did for us. They gave their all, providing us with a “Free Society.”

Veterans Helping Veterans needs help now. Send checks to Veterans Helping Veterans, 212 W. Wade Lane, Payson, AZ 85541.

David Costo


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