Analyzing And Lip Reading Our Glorious Leaders



Analyzing our glorious leaders can easily be done by three methods:

First. Check out Karl Warf’s “Communist Manifesto,” you’ll see numerous similar sayings, “Always take advantage of a crisis,” destroy the old government while changing establishment for a new one.

Second. Track the history of Hugo Chavez’s path in his conversion of his country from democracy to socialism to communism.

Third. Analysis of glorious leaders speeches, then take the opposite of what they said: example, If he says this bill will reduce your taxes or my administration will be transparent and my door will always be open to all; How come most of his discussions are all most always behind closed doors.

The health bill was a good example. He has said numerous times that Cap and Trade (tax) court cost more than a postage stamp. He just didn’t say how many thousands of stamps it would take. Cap and Trade (tax) will affect everyone who uses gas, oil, air conditioning, electricity, foods, almost anything that one buys.

The Cap and Trade (tax), will be passed on to all people earning $250,000 and less. This will especially affect the poor. He has said employment will not go above 8 percent, why is it now 10.2 percent? Glorious Leader stated that he would seek the best talent in his administration, then why has he filled it with tax cheats, crooks, communist, socialist, and Chicago cronies.

I used all the above methods to analyze Glorious Leader and have a 98 percent rating of being correct. It’s so simple a cave man can do it.

It can happen here, in fact it is now happening here.

Ed Welge


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