Not Satisfied With Status Quo



Let me see if I understand the realities of our present health care situation in this country.

Health insurance companies are spending millions to defeat any health care reform bill and our premiums continue to be more costly year by year. Drug companies spend millions to defeat any health care reform bill and the cost of drugs continue to rise almost monthly. Millions of uninsured have no recourse than to use the hospital emergency room as their primary care and the cost of hospital medical care continues to rise for all of us. Small-business owners cannot afford to insure their employees with the present costs controlled by insurance companies.

Many folks cannot keep their health insurance if they should change jobs or lose their jobs altogether. Many people cannot get health insurance if they have a pre-existing condition. And folks, as we get older, we all have a few pre-existing conditions.

I have the feeling that if our elected officials had to provide their own medical insurance (instead of depending on all of us to provide it for them with our taxes) as we have to do, than they might look at health care reform as a necessity for every one of us.

And we’re supposed to be satisfied with the status quo? I don’t think so!

Donn C. Morris


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