Pine Fire Department On The Wrong Path



As being recently terminated by the Pine Strawberry Fire Board, I agree 100 percent with the previous letter written by Jessica Barnett.

I was the only person/civilian at that fire board meeting, I was asked to leave as I spoke my peace out loud, which I know now was wrong. I was very upset that these bogus battalion chief positions were being created. One board member was actually going to call the police on me for voicing my opinion. Whatever happened to freedom of speech? Civil rights?

And, how do you take a housewife for 20 plus/minus years and just automatically give her a job, then a promotion to my old position when she could not allegedly even operate various computer programs?

Add to that a nice raise, and to the fuels person a nice raise. We voted for no raises, no COLA and no promotion to keep our jobs. What went wrong?

So everyone, I encourage you to get to the monthly fire board meetings held every third Wednesday of the month. Call ahead, sometimes they change the day.

Voice your opinion that this can and will not be tolerated in our community. No more taxes, no new positions, and look at who really can and cannot work administratively.

This chief is due to leave by summer out of the drop program. Let him go. Please, I ask you. He then has all the time he needs to leave for wildfires, and can allegedly dedicate his time to that. Let us undo everything this chief has done, and set our communities on the right path.

Lisa Sieracki



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