Pine Senior Center Not In Compliance With Ada



I am a 100 percent disabled Vietnam vet. For the past four years I have gone to the Pine Senior Center on Mondays and Fridays for lunch and poker in the afternoon.

Within the past year they have taken down their handicapped parking signs, but they had always let me park inside the gate on the cement to facilitate my walking. On Monday, Nov. 2 they closed the gate and I had to park outside in the dirt which is very difficult for me to walk because I may fall. I was told the gate would be closed Monday to Wednesday because people were stealing things, yet on Tuesday, Nov. 3, the gate was open so the Canasta players could park on the cement.

I guess things are only stolen on Mondays or they are implying I’m a thief! You would think that a senior center would be required to have handicapped spaces to be in compliance with the ADA, but not at the Pine Senior Center!

So Pine Senior Center board and employees don’t come simpering to me on Veterans Day or any other day saying thank you for my service since by your actions you have already demonstrated what you think about handicapped veterans and their service.

Jack Waer



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