Police To Crack Down Hard On Easy Street Speeders


You better watch out.

You better not cry.

I’m telling you why.

Payson Police are coming to Easy Street.

Payson Councilor Ed Blair took advantage of the council comment period at last week’s meeting to issue a stern warning to speeders on Easy Street.

“Drive within the speed limit,” he glowers, “or you will be ticketed.”

“Is this personal experience talking?” quipped Payson Mayor Kenny Evans.

“Oh, no,” said Blair, momentarily taken aback. “My personal experience has been on other streets.”

Which drew a substantial — if rueful — laugh from the rest of the council and listening citizens.

Blair noted that Easy Street has been the site of a rash of accidents, many of them caused by speeding.

As a result of those accidents and complaints by residents, Payson Police have promised to step up enforcement on Easy Street through the holidays.

So be warned: The police will be making a list and checking your speed.

And they won’t be checking twice.


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