Health Care Reform Is Simple



Regarding the disdain that ACLU lawyer, mis-Representative Ann Kirkpatrick feels toward us lowlife common folks in the first district, I have to totally agree with Richard Skoglund, and for the first time, agree with Donn Morris to a degree.

The current health care system has some problems that need to be addressed. The solution is not the Marxist, illegal and unconstitutional takeover of one-sixth of the nation’s economy that just passed the House of Misrepresentin’. The Pelosi/Reid/ObamaCare boondoggle is not about health care. It is all about power for the wannabe dictator and his handlers and minions. This 2023-page bill (as of today, and growing) is even worse than the failed systems in Canada and Europe.

AARP supports it, not to help their members, but because it will eliminate the competing Medicare Advantage, and force seniors into AARP’s more expensive MediGap. The AARP bureaucracy bureaucracy stands to make billions by ripping off their “members.” Over 40,000 seniors have already canceled their memberships.

Obama, Pelosi and Reid bought off the AMA, who represent a small minority of non-practicing doctors, by rolling back a 21 percent cut in Medicare compensation. The AMA does not represent the majority of the medical community.

Health care rationing for babies and seniors is in the bill. If you are under 5 or over 65, you are not worth spending money on. It is in the bill.

This disaster must be stopped in the Senate. Reid’s unwritten bill will be as bad, but he wants a vote before the bill is even written.

The leftists that control all three branches of government must be stopped. The real reforms proposed by the Republicans were rejected on party line votes.

Real reform is quite simple.

1. Lawsuit reform: Compensate the parties injured by malpractice, but limit the rewards to ambulance-chasing lawyers, like John Edwards who became a multi-millionaire by ripping off the doctors. Malpractice insurance premiums would drop, reflected in the cost of every contact with a doctor.

2. Allow medical insurance to be purchased nationwide, like all other insurance, opening up competition.

3. Remove stupid state mandates for unnecessary coverage. (I am a 60+ male. Do I need maternity coverage? No! But in some states, I have to pay for it!)

4. Allow people to buy the coverage that they are comfortable with. If I am a healthy young adult with a good income, I might want a catastrophic coverage policy with a $10,000 deductible, and no copay coverage. Today you can’t get it. (And under ObamaCare, you will have to pay a fine and go to prison if you refuse their “offer.”)

These four items will do more to make health care affordable than any government-run disaster currently being crammed down our throats.

Dale Oestmann


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