No Flags On Veterans’ Graves At The Cemetery



We just got home from making two trips by the cemetery and there are no flags on the veterans’ graves.

The big flag out front isn’t at half-staff either. I have been in Payson since 1949, and since a new person took over the care of the cemetery, this has never happened. Whoever is supposed to be running things down there had better get with it and see to it that things are getting done.

I realize the latch on the small gate is broken, and that is why the padlock is there and there is also a padlock on the big gate and the first time that gate is locked and I can’t get to our graves, there is going to be trouble.

If the Womans Club is going to be responsible for the cemetery, they better find out the things that are supposed to get done and take care of them. This was one of the things that made this small town cemetery unique, but it seems we are forgetting all the small town things and trying to make Payson a big city town.

Marylou Haught


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