Our Chains Are Forged



Our ageless Constitution was divinely inspired, but not necessarily a living document as many believe. It does not amend under every circumstance. Rather, it is built upon a foundation of unchanging principles, chief among them are agency and freedom. Further, it does not grant any rights. It is a “self evident” fact that our rights come from our creator and the purpose of the Constitution is to protect them.

The Constitution protects our rights by limiting the scope and size of government. It is a limiting document. It grants very few “express powers” and reserves the remainder to the people. It allows us (the people) to exercise our agency and freedom in this land of opportunity in order to achieve our full potential. The founders understood this principle and trusted the people to exercise their rights wisely to achieve the American Dream.

The current administration and Congress have completely lost sight of this great truth. They know better than us how we should live our lives. We cannot be trusted with our money or freedom (and they do not hide this ideology as in the past). Washington is about the business of providing the masses a “minimally adequate life” and equality of result regardless of desire, effort or sacrifice. But there is a huge cost.

Many years ago, Patrick Henry said “Give me liberty of give me death.” It was his answer to the question of freedom versus slavery. English rule was untenable and invaded every aspect of colonial life. Henry asked, “Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery?” He then answered, “Forbid it almighty God.” He believed government should serve, not dictate and that we must not trade our freedom and agency for a “minimally adequate life.”

Our chains are forged. The links are called entitlements, cap-and-trade, economic stimulus, universal health care, high taxation, redistribution of wealth, bail outs, etc. America’s role in the world has been greatly diminished. Our grand beacon of freedom is being Europeanized as government sheds its constitutionally imposed limits. Washington must be remoored to freedom and agency. If not, the past will repeat itself and we will be dealing with a colossal unsustainable government making decisions for us until we once again, must decide between liberty and slavery.

Barry Standifird


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