Outdoor Coverage Is Appreciated



I want to express my appreciation for your paper and the coverage you give to the outdoors. You have many articles that keep us abreast of the seasons of Rim Country.

My wife and I moved up here from the Valley eight years ago because Payson reminded me of my home in rural Wyoming (and, of course, to get out of the heat). But as happens to people these days, we have become so busy that it is difficult to get out and enjoy the beauty of our surroundings as often as we should. After being reminded by your paper that it is time to plant bulbs in the fall, to get out and watch the leaves changing or to get my 11-year-old certified for hunter safety so we can enjoy a day in the field together, we are often inspired to get out of the house or office and go enjoy the great outdoors.

People often take the awesome surroundings we have for granted. Your articles help us to maintain our focus on our great outdoorsman heritage. As I am sure you are aware, people who spend time outdoors are the best stewards of our land and also pay the lion’s share of the cost of maintaining our public wilderness.

Thank you for continuing to provide a medium for inspiring people to get out and enjoy this great land. As more people become interested and educated about enjoying the natural resources of the Rim and other outdoor environments, the more secure those environments will be for all to enjoy, now and in the future.

Craig Mathews


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