‘Yes We Can’



Mr. President are you listening? The message from the voters is: Change.

The silent majority is no longer silent.

We speak with our votes, and as seen in both New Jersey and Virginia, it is time for a change. We cannot continue to incur debt and then expect our grandchildren to pay for it. Also, no more punishing those who “have” and giving to those that “have not.” You are not Robin Hood and we are not the merry men.

We are angry that those of us that behave responsibly with our finances are getting short shrift, and those that spend what they don’t have and take on more debt than reasonable, get bailed out. Those institutions that extended credit when it was not warranted need to learn that they are not too big to fail.

You, Mr. President and your Cabinet are not too big to fail. What has been learned from the financial debacle ... nothing. I see for sale signs on homes in my community that state “this home qualifies for zero down.” No “doc” loans should be a thing of the past.

Their only purpose was to let borrowers lie on their loan applications and secure financing that they neither deserved nor that they could afford. It is time for you to find your way to the Oval Office, sit down and start working.

Put your toy away (Air Force One); stop the daily speeches telling us how the financial crisis is in the past, and start making decisions. It is unconscionable that we have our troops in harm’s way and you can’t make a decision on sending more troops. Think about the message that sends to them. The silent majority is now speaking and you need to listen.

Alan Kline


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