Has My Service In The Military Been Wasted?



Re: Barry Standifird’s letter Nov. 13 — The chains of slavery are almost forged. Once we lose all three parts of the First Amendment, along with the Second Amendment, all of the Constitution and all of the lives lost to obtain and protect it will have been for naught.

This, even though it has survived for more than 200 years. Obama’s Civilian Corps (by whatever name he chooses), which he wants “funded and equipped as good as our military” (his words not mine) will be empowered to trample on or confiscate:

a. Our free speech.

b. Our press, which our founders wanted to be a watchdog of our government, not its lapdog.

c. Our right not to have a government-mandated religion — note: separation of church and state does not exist in any form in any of our earliest documents — including the Plymouth Compact.

The primary reason for terminating the Second Amendment is to ensure that we, the people who don’t want to be enslaved, will not have the means to prevent the takeover, or take back our stolen form of a republic — we were never intended to be governed by a democracy.

The loss of firearms will only aid the criminal and those who are usurping our God-given rights in their violations of the Constitution ...

We, the Astroturf, will be powerless to stop them. So, if you believe in the “Fairness Doctrine” in any form and that the Second Amendment only applies to equipping the “militia” rather than the “right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed,” then you and I will be enslaved.

So, be careful what you vote for or wish for and of what you continue to espouse support for — you might not like it.

Has my 25-plus years in the military been wasted?

Jim Gier


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