Another Trick By Obama



Well, Obama pulled another one of his sneaky tricks. Now he’s bringing the 9/11 mastermind Mohammed and four of his co-conspirators to New York for a civilian court trial. Obama knows they would be convicted in a military court, but he’s already working on getting them off and just blocks from where 3,000 of our loved ones were massacred.

How? Obama has already said Mohammed has been tortured. In court, torture could surely be presented as some sort of coercion. Just imagine, Mohammed being acquitted. It’s very probable.

Being acquitted is only half the problem. Much of the evidence is classified and would have to be available to Mohammed and his attorneys. The enemy would have access to everything!

There are many (including Sen. John McCain) that say waterboarding (i.e. torture) is not effective. That is totally untrue. Go Google: What has waterboarding revealed. There are at least a dozen planned attacks that have been averted.

Torture, by the way, is breaking legs and arms, pulling out finger nails, throwing babies up in the air and catching them with bayonets and beheading news reporters.

Keep these scumbags where they belong, out of the USA and under military control, but for the love of God, put them on trial immediately and send them off to their virgins and Allah.

Anne Joachim


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